Welcome to Pigeon Hold Targets

Welcome to Pigeon Hold Targets

Shooting Target

Pigeon Hold Targets provide a fast, fun and convenient target system for mounting clay pigeons. Ideal for hand gun and rifle shooting enthusiasts who are looking for an effective, reactionary target experience. It can provide immediate gratification for the novice and experienced shooter alike.


Unique Design

Pigeon Hold Targets are made of Coroplast brand corrugated plastic. Coroplast is a lightweight, weather resistive material which provides an excellent solid colored background to help you in focusing your aim on the  intended targets. Upper and lower clay pigeon retention tabs, cut into the Pigeon Hold Target panels, hold each of your clay targets in place without the use of any clips or wire fasteners; no more lost mounting hardware! Multiple pilot holes provide you with a variety of mounting applications. Current designs and formats accommodate standard 104mm clay targets, like the White Flyer brand for example, which are readily  available at your local retailers.

Which Pigeon Hold Targets format should you choose?

You can choose single, square, vertical and horizontal designs to suit your shooting  style.

Single clay pigeon holders allow you to customize the distances in between your clay targets. 

Larger capacity holders minimize your trips down range in order to reload new clay targets.

The green target boards are a popular choice by many, while the white target boards provide a lighter background for those who prefer the use of iron sights.

Try Pigeon Hold Targets today! 


Always remember to follow proper safety practices.  Know your target and what is beyond.